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STOP the terror of civilians

Emergency Actions, Information, Support & Solidarity

21 November 2006Update - Gaza Campaign!
20 November 2006Humiliation of major Israeli-Palestinian scholar at Ben Gurion airport
9 November 2006Jameela al-Shanti in Beit Hanoun: We overcame our fear (The Guardian)
8 November 2006Jewish Voice for Peace: Enforce American law: Suspend aid to Israel until it ends the Siege of Gaza
8 November 2006Re: An Urgent Call to Action
1 November 2006Stop the Siege of Gaza - International Campaign
31 August 2006Gush Shalom: Protest at Ofer Prison
10 August 2006Peace Activism in Israel - Gila Svirsky, interviewed on radio show “The Newsroom,” with co-hosts Grady Hawkins and Joe Schmidbauer, broad/netcast by The Voice of Reason NewsTalk 1270, radio station WHLD in Buffalo, New York (mp3 file download, 4.4 MB, 25 min.)
24 July 2006Belgrade Women in Black: BELGRAdE SOLIDARITY IN ANTI-WAR
23 July 2006Belgrade Women in Black express support for Palestinian lesbians
23 July 2006Gila Svirsky: Quick report from the Israeli peace front
21 July 2006Dalia Sachs and Hannah Safran: A Black Friday
21 July 2006Letter from Nabila Espanioly
19 July 2006Hannah Safran: Letter to an American friend

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