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From: hannah safran
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006

Dear Friends, this message was send on Mon. today Wednesday the situation is even worse. 18 people have been killed today by an Israeli bomb. please use all your connections to demand a stop to this bloody policy by Israel. Rela is an activist-writer in New Profile and i send you her message. thanks for your help, hannah

Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006
From: Rela Mazali

Dear friends,

The announcement forwarded below is addressed to members of the press.

In my view, however, given the scope and methods of Israel's ongoing and current attack against the Gaza Strip and given the continued state of emergency in the Strip, every person of conscience can and should take responsibility for fact-finding and for disseminating these facts -- whether through phone calls, faxes or emails to the editorial boards of local and national media demanding adequate and fair coverage, through personal and informative op-eds and position pieces, letters to the editor, or through alternative channels such as email and other networks based in work places and/or places of worship, schools, colleges, community centers, neighborhoods and so forth.

While the physicians listed below cannot possibly answer every individual phone call, this announcement is a desperate cry to everyone and anyone outside Gaza to take part immediately in ensuring that the media fulfill their role in covering the urgent reality on the ground there and in learning and disseminating this reality regardless of the mainstream media. The call, however, is first and foremost a call for action NOW to protest and stop Israel's blockade and attack.

I leave it to the discretion of each of you to decide on your course of action.

Thank you,



Dear Members of the Press

The Sanctions Against Israel Coalition would like to once again provide you with the contact details of English-speaking media contacts in Gaza.

Dr Mona Elfaraa, in particular, is currently trying to treat the wounded at the AlAwda hospital in Beit Hanoun, which is under siege by Israeli tanks and armored vehicles, which prevent medical teams and victims from reaching the hospital.

In the past few days, at least two ambulance workers were killed by Israeli fire while taking the wounded to hospital (this apart from the women who who were shot down while walking to the mosque to act as human shields for others who were trapped inside).

Journalists often tell the Sanctions Against Israel Coalition that they have no contacts in Gaza to interview. Well, here are all their cell numbers and we urge you to call them:

Dr Mona Elfaraa, Doctor at AlAwda Hospital in Beit Hanoun. Tel: +972 599 410 741 and +970 82846602.
Blog: From Gaza, with Love

Dr Abu Ala'a, Professor at Gaza University. Tel: + 972 599441766

Dr Asad A. Shark, Gaza Strip, + 972 599 322636

Dr Ayoub Othman, + 972 599 412 826

Yousef Alhelou, Journalist based in Beit Hanoun. Tel: + 972599697254. Email:

© 2006 Hannah Safran, Rela Mazali, Sanctions Against Israel Coalition (for more information about SAIC, see, e.g.:

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