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Letter from Nabila

Our friend Sherry Gorelick forwarded this to us, adding:  Nabila Espanioly, the writer of this letter, is a marvelous human being. She is the director of Al-Tufula Pedagological Centre and Multipurpose Women’s Centre in Nazareth. She speaks at least four languages, having received her M.A. in clinical psychology from Bamberg University in Germany. A Palestinian citizen of Israel, she is a long-time member of the Israeli feminist and peace movements.

21 July 2006

Dear friends,

I wanted to update you that yesterday we had a demonstration which a group of women from Nazareth organized. The police did not want to give us a permission but never the less we stand for an hour, It was good and we had Media. The CNN interviewed me but they did not publish that, they had only a small report about the demo in Nazareth. Women from Bath Shalom Affula joined us too.

There were also good pictures in the Arabic Alithad Newspaper from yesterday’s demo in Haifa and Sachnin, So I hope to see you all tomorrow.

We in Altufula are also organizing some support for the Arab children who, as you know, have no shelters and they have to deal with their fears alone. So I hope by next week I will have a 1000 individual kits (as a beginning), to give for the children at homes. The kits have a toy, some suites, some colors and other creative materials as well as ideas and worksheets. These are aiming to support children to express their feelings. It also contains a booklet for parents on how to deal with helping their children in stressful situations. Of course if any one of you could help in finding sponsorship for more kits, please let me know


Al-Tufula Center
P.O. Box 2404
Nazareth, 16000
Telefax: 972-4-656-6386

© 2006 Nabila Espanioly

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