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Date:  Tue, 21 Nov 2006
From:  Gila Svirsky
Subject:  Update - Gaza Campaign!

Hand raising sign with the words Free Gaza and drawing of barbed wire morphing into a vine

Dear friends,

Thank you to the many people all over the world who are participating in our campaign to end the siege of Gaza.

So far, we know of 38 cities where actions are being planned on or about December 2, when the big demonstration will take place in Israel:

Amsterdam, Netherlands  *  Armidale, Northern NSW, Australia  *  Barcelona, Spain  * Berkeley, CA, US  *  Bergamo, Italy  *  Boston, MA, US  *  Cambridge, MA, US  *  Canberra, Australia  *  Cape Town, South Africa  *  Chicago, IL, US  *  Cologne, Germany  *  Como, Italy  *  Des Moines, Iowa, US  *  Dunedin, New Zealand  *  Everett, WA, US  *  Keswick, UK  *  Leuven, Belgium  *  Marseille, France  *  Milano, Italy  *  Montreal, Canada  *  Muenster, Germany  *  New York, NY, US  *  Oakland, CA, US  *  Oslo, Norway  *  Padua, Italy  *  Parksville/Qualicum, BC, Canada  *  Philadelphia, PA, US  *  Ravenna, Italy  *  Rome, Italy  *  San Francisco, CA, US  *  San Luis Obispo, CA, US  *  Schio, Italy  *  Strasbourg, France  *  Toronto, Canada  *  Udine, Italy  *  Verona, Italy  *  Vienna, Austria  * Washington, DC, US

Let us know if we missed your city – write to or  Send a brief description for posting on our website.

Plan your own actions!

For ideas about how to raise awareness and information about activities in other cities, check either of these websites:

These websites also hold a fact sheet, sample letters to decision-makers, and contact information for Israeli political leaders.

Use the poster!

The attached poster in 3 languages (English, Arabic, and Hebrew) was contributed to the campaign by David Tartakover, Israel’s foremost political graphic designer.  Feel free to print it out, duplicate, and hang in appropriate spaces.

Spread the petition!

Soon, we will be sending you a petition “Gaza: Stop the Siege – Stop the War!” for you to sign and circulate.  When enough names are collected, we will be presenting them to the political leaders of relevant countries – Israel, the U.S., Canada, and the EU members.

Join us!

The campaign in Israel is in full swing, but international pressure is crucial for bringing the humanitarian crisis to an end.  Please join our efforts!

December 2

International “End the Gaza Siege” Day

Participating Organizations:  Coalition of Women for Peace; Gush Shalom; Ta’ayush; ICAHD; Yesh Gvul; New Profile; MachsomWatch; Bat Shalom; Hadash; Anarchists Against the Wall; The High School Seniors Letter; The Students Coalition – Tel Aviv.

For the Organizing Committee,
Gila Svirsky and Debby Lerman

© 2006 International “End the Gaza Siege” Day

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