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The Living Room
At-Home with...

The At-Homes with the Archives started as a way to give lesbian cultural workers a safe and yet intimate space for the presentation of their work. Marked by lively discussion and sometimes huge crowds, these events spanned 15 years. No topic was too controversial, no art form too untried. These free events transformed the Archives’ living room into a cafe, a speaker’s hall, a movie theater, an underground site of cultural and political resistance. At-Homes still go on in the new home of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, but my home has been very much quieter since the Archives left; this is why I am so pleased that my friend and WebMs., Shebar, who is responsible for this site, suggested early on to me that we could reconstitute the At-Home in this new way.

I am honored to welcome you and to introduce our guest speakers in this new gathering:

Lepa sitting on a bench in New York's East Village, June 2000 - photo by Joan Nestle

Lepa Mladjenovic
in Belgrade

Gila Svirsky under arrest - photo by Judy Kirshner

Gila Svirsky
in Jerusalem

Close-up of Joan pausing during statement at Goodbye to 13A party
Goodbye to 13A
A Statement by Joan Nestle
with photos by Laura Collins
Joyce Warshow with Joan Nestle
My Dear Friends
Celebrations and Memories:
Joyce Warshow

Introduction © 2000-2003 Joan Nestle. Photo of Lepa Mladjenovic is by Joan Nestle; photo of Gila Svirsky is by Judy Kirshner. Photo of Joyce Warshow with Joan was published in The Miami Weekly.

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