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Friday, October 6, 2000, in New York, gray and warm

Today I will let Lepa say it all.

Imagine—it has happened. IT IS OVER!!!!!! We still can't believe it. It was incredible the whole day. There were many more people today than when I wrote to you yesterday because it was planned today that people should come from different towns and they did, from everywhere... and then tear gas and fire.. and after 8pm, all crumbled at full speed—the police joining the crowds. More than 15 feminists, we stayed together and then we all went to the Incest Trauma Center which is in the very center of town just where the history was rolling... the emotions were up and down, crying, laughing, dancing, headaches. And now I am back with two other lesbians who sleep here tonight.

Tomorrow I will write from the new free state!!!!!

Goodnight, dearly to you,

Received October 5, 2000


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