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At-Home with Lepa Mladjenovic

Five women standing in a row with arms around each other, their images cast on the wall behind them

These are young women from Bosnia who fled the war in 1992 and found each other in Belgium. Here they are in the play Women of Tuzla, Sarajevo and Mostar: A Mythography of Courage, which was performed on July 5-6, 1996, at Burla Schouwburg in Antwerp, and later in Athens. The play grew out of writing workshops given in refugee camps by the Greek playwright Christiana Lambrinidis, and it incorporates women’s writings about their experiences. The photo was taken by my friend Lieve Snellings, a photographer based in Belgium. I love this photo, because you see that we can meet in solidarity in far-away countries and we can work together.


Introduction © 2000 Lepa Mladjenovic. Photo © 1996 Lieve Snellings. More of Snellings’ work may be seen at The Eye of the Low Countries.

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