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Letters from Jerusalem

Sticker showing two doves flying over a crenulated wall, facing towards text that says, in Arabic, English and Hebrew: Sharing Jerusalem: Two Capitals for Two States

 29 December 2001Solidarity from Palestine
 28 December 2001A Ray of Sunshine
 18 December 2001Women in Black – 14 years
   4 December 2001Time to end the dominion of death

 29 November 2001Appeal from Israeli Peace Organizations
 23 November 2001Warning: The canary in the cage has died.

    23 October 2001Raise Your Voices
    12 October 2001Not winning the Nobel, in perspective
      4 October 2001Ronnie Gilbert on the FBI’s investigation of Women in Black
      3 October 2001San Francisco Peace Rally

22 September 2001War is not a solution; it is part of the problem.

      15 August 2001Hoping this list helps...
        1 August 2001Open letter to Israel

           18 July 2001Rebecca’s Observations
           18 July 2001Clarification
           17 July 2001The News Tonight
           10 July 2001An Israeli in Palestine, by Jeff Halper
             8 July 2001Some hardly extremist views
             6 July 2001Please, please help us stop this...
             4 July 2001Homes & wells of 500 Palestinians destroyed by Israeli army
             3 July 2001In the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
             1 July 2001Gays/Lesbians Attacked by Milosevic Supporters

          30 June 2001Brief update about al-Khader
          29 June 2001Outside, inside, and above al-Khader today
          26 June 2001Food & solidarity convoy
          21 June 2001Again at al-Khader
          16 June 2001Today in al-Khader
          14 June 2001Nurit’s words to Women in Black
            9 June 2001“This is what I did about it.”
            9 June 2001International Solidarity for Peace
            6 June 2001Women in Black Vigils – A Momentous Gathering
            4 June 2001Struggling for peace amidst the ruins
            2 June 2001Women in Black movement nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
            1 June 2001Dir Istya aftermath
            1 June 2001Chapter 4 of the Dir Istya saga

          30 May 2001FW: International Vigil: June 8, 2001
          13 May 2001Resisting the Siege with Food, by Nicole Cohen-Addad
          13 May 2001A Critical Mass
          10 May 2001Susan Sontag comes through
            9 May 2001International Campaign – Stop the Occupation!

          29 April 2001Checkpoint Monitoring
          26 April 2001Alternative Torch Lighting Last Night
          25 April 2001Israeli Independence/Memorial Days
          22 April 2001More on the IDF response to nonviolent action
          22 April 2001How the IDF Responds to Nonviolence
          21 April 2001FW: Cracks In The “National Unity” & The Start Of Civil Disobedience
          18 April 2001Shooting at Peace Activists
          18 April 200116 Peace Activists Arrested
          15 April 2001Jewish Unity for a Just Peace conference in Chicago
          14 April 2001Breaking Barriers for Peace
          13 April 2001Events
          12 April 2001Subverting the Occupation
            7 April 2001Four Arrests and a Tree
            4 April 2001Chapter 2: The Olive Trees
            4 April 2001Rebuilding the Shawamreh “House of Peace”
            4 April 2001Again, until she learns: Lena Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
            2 April 2001Protecting the Olive Trees
            2 April 2001Letter to Susan Sontag

       28 March 2001URGENT ACTION: Stop Planned Strike Against Hebron
       23 March 2001Not Cooperating with Evil
       21 March 2001Friday’s Action – Don’t Forget Your Shovel
       14 March 2001Stop the Siege!

   25 February 2001Protesting the Closure Today
   21 February 2001Stop weapons sales to Israel!
   18 February 2001Women for a Just Peace in Israel
   13 February 2001The death of Hilmi revisited
     5 February 2001Putting a “closure” on Tel Aviv tonight

     26 January 2001Why I’m Voting for Barak
     25 January 2001Help end the siege!

January 1991: War Is a Crime
March 1996:  Bombs, Revenge, and One Iota of Hope
   2 Nov 1996: Hand in Hand in Hebron
  4 Apr 1997:  Children Still Alive and Abdallah
25 May 1998:  So We Won’t Die in Any More Wars
10 July 1998:   Lena Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
  2 Aug 1998:  Lena’s New Home... Destroyed
  3 Jan 1999: Rifle Grenade #400
  9 July 1999: A Housewarming for Peace
23 Jan 2000: The Politics of the Tree
18 Oct 2000: On Violence by Israeli Arabs
10 Nov 2000: Peace Efforts in Israel
22 Nov 2000: We Refuse to Be Enemies
23 Nov 2000: Meeting of Women MKs for Peace
26 Nov 2000: Views of Faisal Husseini
28 Nov 2000: Lack of coverage for women’s events
  1 Dec 2000: Principles and Action
  8 Dec 2000: Women in Black today
30 Dec 2000: On the Way to Crowning Jerusalem with Peace
Letters from Jerusalem, 2001
Letters from Jerusalem, 2002
Letters from Jerusalem, 2003
New & recent letters from Jerusalem (2004)
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The “Sharing Jerusalem” sticker, pictured above, was produced by The Jerusalem Link: A Women’s Joint Venture for Peace (Israeli and Palestinian women’s peace organizations).

Text © 2001 Gila Svirsky.

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